Ardolis Collectibles: Gold Bolt, Spybot,Armour,Craiggerbear | Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

All Collectibles in Ardolis| Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart

This article shows the location of all the collectibles in the Ardolis, which is the eighth planet in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Ardolis contains a total of 6 collectibles: 2 Gold Bolts, 2 Armour, 1 Ryno Spybot, and 1 Craiggerbear. Go to the bottom of the page to check the video showing the location of all the collectibles. 
Note: Complete the ‘Treasure Hunt’ optional quest and get Map-O-Matic as a reward, which will reveal the location of all collectibles on the map.   

Armor #1 – Captain Starshield Boots 

While on the objective “Rescue Pierre Le Fer” you will come across a room where you will have to fight a lot of enemies. After defeating the enemy’s door to the next area will open up. As you enter the next area you can see Pierre Le Fer straight ahead. Instead of going straight, drop down to the beach on the right side below. On the beach, defeat the enemies and enter the Pocket Dimension (See location in the picture below). Inside the pocket dimension, you will find the Armor. Keep jumping using the Hurlshot ability to reach the platform containing the Armor. Check the video link at the bottom of the page to see how to reach the Armor inside the pocket dimension. 

Gold Bolt #1 in Ardolis  

The first Gold Bolt is in the Pirate base which is at the northwest end of the map. The story takes you there, where you have to complete the Pirate Trials as part of the main questline. The Gold Bolt is in the second trial room containing the Grunthor Skeleton. After the first Trial (Karaoke) take the elevator to the next room. In this room, there is a computer console on the left side (See the picture below for location). Interact with the computer to start the Glitch challenge. In this challenge, you will need to destroy 10 virus nests. Check the video at the bottom of the page to see how to complete this challenge. After completing the challenge you can collect the Gold Bolt from the left side of the console. 

Armour #2 – Robot Pirate Helmet 

After completing the third and final pirate trial, which involves fighting with a lot of enemies and defeating Crabcakes McGee boss, interact with the lever at the center to open the door to the next room. Jump across to reach the next room and collect the Armor. See the picture below for the location. 

Craiggerbear in Ardolis

This Craiggerbear is in the same room where you collected the previous Armor after completing the final Pirate Trial. After collecting the Armor, go straight ahead and you will find the Craiggerbear sitting next to a chest as shown in the picture below. 

Ryno Spybot in Ardolis

Spybot is on the Northeastern beach of the planet. To reach there go to the central platform. If you have completed the pirate trials then you can come here using the purple teleporter near the spaceship. In the central platform, you will find ms Zurkon Weapon vendor. To the right of her, you can see a floating Pirate Ship. Grapple your way to the ship. On the left side of the ship is an elevator. Get on it to reach the top. From the top, grapple twice to reach the next ship. Use Hoverboots at full speed to jump and then glide your way to the broken wooden bridge leading to the Northeastern Island. At the North Eastern end of this island, you will find the Ryno Spybot as shown in the picture below. 

Gold Bolt #2 in Ardolis  

The final Gold Bolt is somewhere at the center of the map above the water as shown in the picture below. Near the Spybot, on the Northeast island, you will find a Speetle. Hit the plant for speetle to emerge. Ride the speetle at full speed (Press R1 to boost) and jump over the ramp to reach the Gold Bolt. 

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