Achievements/Trophies List (Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace)

There are 20 achievements in the game.

  1. Gotta Pee: Visit a Outhouse 
  2. No Time to Rest! : Use the same investigator for every scenario of the game. 
  3. Kitchen of Madness: Find the recipe in every scenario 
  4. Mass Murder: Kill 3 opponents in a single investigator’s turn 
  5. Placebo: Use a radithor on an investigator without any conditions 
  6. Coffee Addict: Use a Bromo Coffee when your action points are full 
  7. Addiction Kills: Commit suicide by smoking a cigarette 
  8. Universal Health Care: Heal enemy with a Wild Cast 
  9. Hoarder: Have 75 items in your office chest at one time 
  10. Party Crasher: Completed “An Invitation” 
  11. Degree in Astronomy: Completed “Finding Meaning in the Stars” 
  12. Into Madness: Completed “What Was Lost is Never Found” 
  13. New Friends? : Completed “Herd of Algedi 
  14. Trouble in Little NOLA: Completed “The Peculiar Monsieur Lanuit 
  15. Walk in the Bayou: Completed “Unwelcomed Guests” :
  16. Revelation: Completed “Tendrils of Witchcraft” 
  17. Mardis Gras Festivities: Completed “A Morbid Dance in the Second Line” 
  18. The End: Save Arkham from the Dark Young 
  19. Curiosity Killed the Cat: Steal Lanuit’s trinket from his store 
  20. Matricide: Kill the Dark Young with a Birthling explosion 

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