Arthur#10 – The Faraday Cage (We Happy Few)

  • Post published:September 14, 2018
  • Post category:we happy few

Video Timestamps:

00:05 – Locate Faraday’s Lab
00:33 – Talk to Faraday
02:07 – Pick Up the Motilene Harvester
03:06 – Get a Bucket of Motilene
04:22 – Bring the Motilene to Dr. Faraday
04:33 Talk to Faraday
05:54 – Pick Up the Extractor
06:27 – Extract Bits from the Car in Faraday’s Yard
07:42 – Extract Bits from a Car Near the Old Lud’s Holm Station
08:14 – Extract Bits from a Car Near the Treehouse
09:13 – Bring the Mechanical Parts to Dr. Faraday
10:01 – Go Away and Come Back Tomorrow
10:23 – Never Mind Tomorrow, Check on Faraday
10:45 – Search Faraday’s Lab

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