Arthur#11 – Plassey Bridge (We Happy Few)

  • Post published:September 14, 2018
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Video Timestamps:
00:05 – Wear a Boiler Suit
00:49 – Talk to the Bobby
01:15 – Fix the Bridge
01:35 – Cross Plassey Bridge

Head to the Plassey Bridge from Maidenholm to activate this quest and then purchase a Boiler Suit, or create one if you have the recipe. Speak with the Bobby again to get him to move and then open the door behind him and input the code to power the bridge.

Make sure to take some Joy before passing through the Downer Detector and you’ll be greeted by a large Simon Says machine. Follow the instructions to step on lit platforms within the time, or the Spankers will give you a wallop, and then pass into St. George Holm.

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