Genshin Impact: How To Solve Luxurious Chest Seelie Puzzle In Asipattravana Swamp

This guide shows you how to solve the “Asipattravana Swamp Seelie Puzzle” to obtain the Luxurious Chests at Asipattravana Swamp in the game of Genshin Impact 3.6. There are two Luxurious Chests available in this region.

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To get the luxurious chest you need to bring three Seelies to their respective homes. Two of the Seelies are located nearby and are covered in Purple Mist that you need to clear. The third Seelie is confined within an orange crystal.

Seelie 1 & 2 Locations and Purple Mist Puzzle

For the first two Seelie, players must first awaken the Power of Khvarena. This requires the assistance of Sorush, who possesses the ability to awaken the power.

To begin, players should allow Sorush to approach the Khvarena orb by navigating through the thorny branches. Once Sorush is in position, uses her power to awaken the Khvarena. As Sorush awakens the Khvarena. The game will initiate a 180-second time trial using Sarush’s ability to eliminate the defiled entities.

To complete this time trial, players must find and collect Nirodha Fruits and utilize Sarush’s throwing ability to clear the defiled entities. These fruits can be found near the thorny branch.

Use her power to collect the fruits, and once that’s done, approach the Purple Mist, and throw the Nirodha Fruits to clear the purple mists. Players must throw the Nirodha Fruit when the entities are in a bubble state and not moving. Once you complete the challenge successfully then one of the Seelie will get unlocked.

Start the challenge again to get the 2nd Seelie similarly.

Seelie 3 Location and Yellow Crystal

This Seelie is not trapped in the purple mist like the others but instead trapped inside an orange crystal on the south side above the ground level. To free the Seelie, players can utilize Sarush’s skill by picking up a nearby Nirodha Fruit and hurling it at the crystal

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