Meath Cursed Symbols: How to Destroy All Symbols | AC Valhalla

Meath Cursed Symbols Location: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Artifact #3: Cursed Symbol 1/2

You can find the Artifacts in the central region of the Meath area. Head inside the church and climb up the tree. Aim at the cursed symbol behind the wooden barricade and shoot it.

Artifact #8: Cursed Symbol 2/2

You can find the Artifacts in the northeast region of the Meath in Tullagh Laght.

You can enter the cave area directly. First head back to the other side of the hill. You will find a small hole on the wall. Shoot an explosive arrow through it to blow up the wall on the other side. Reach the other side to reveal the artifact.

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