Astro’s Playroom Deja Phew Trophy Guide (SSD Speedway Hidden Bot Location)

Astro’s Playroom: Deja Phew Trophy Guide

This guide shows the location of the Special bot in the SSD Speedway in Astro’s Playroom. This riddle was released on 6th July 2024. The remaining two trophies of the DLC pack are time-locked. They will be released sequentially leading up to the release of the upcoming sequel, Astro Bot. The 3rd riddle will be released on 6th August, 30 days before the upcoming sequel. The final riddle will be released on the day of the release of the upcoming sequel, Astro Bot, on 6th September. Click here to see Astro Playroom Special Bots locations.

Rescue Special Bot trapped in SSD Speedway

To rescue this special Bot, you must have completed the game and defeated the final boss. You must also be online in order to earn the trophy. Once you are ready, head to Deep Database in the GPU Jungle: Renderforest as shown in the picture below.

Travel through the level; until you reach the location where you pull the chest containing the Minigun out of the ground as shown in the picture below. Stand on the left edge there as shown below. Stand there for a few seconds and a platform will come up with the locked bot.

Travel to the next room. Don’t defeat the green enemies there as you will need them to kill you to complete the Trophy. Climb up the wall of this room and walk towards the previous area. Many coins will appear on the wall. Underneath the largest coin, you will see a doll as shown in the pictures below. Stand on top of the doll and wait for the enemies to kill you. When you respawn, the Special Bot will be free, unlocking the Deja Phew trophy.

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