Chapter 8: All Umbran Tear Locations (Bayonetta 3)

  • Post published:October 30, 2022
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This walkthrough will guide you through the locations of all three “Umbran Tears” in Chapter 8 of Bayonetta 3 (A Nintendo Switch exclusive released on 28 October 2022).


Just after the start of Chapter 8, go behind the buildings on your right. You’ll find a big waterfall behind the buildings. The area around the waterfall has plenty of toads. The toad that you need is behind the Waterfall itself (see images below).


The Umbran Crow is also in the starting area of the chapter. Head down the large stairs towards the bridge. The CROW is sitting under the bridge (on the edge of a rock). As you get near, the crow will fly to the other side of the bridge.
NOTE: You must also get to the other side of the bridge quickly and stand on the small rock which is in the water under the bridge (see images below). The crow will circle around and fly over the same rock where it’ll be caught.


After finishing Verse 4 and getting the new infernal demon “BAAL”, head inside the temple of Baal. Just after entering the temple, turn right and take the stairs to reach the upper level (see images below). You’ll reach a room with a sealed door and lots of pillars (black and brown pillars).
NOTE: To open the sealed door, you must kill all enemies at once using Baal’s Song.
The CAT is on one of the Black Pillars. It’ll try to run away from you by jumping on from one pillar to the other.
NOTE: Block the cat’s route by destroying the Brown Pillars. You can destroy the brown pillars by using the infernal demon Baal. Now, the cat won’t be able to run away from you and can be easily caught.

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