Beidou Hangout Quiz Correct Answers | Genshin Impact 2.3

A Little Test

This guide shows the correct answers for Beidou’s Quiz in the ‘A Little Test‘ in the Beidou Hangout Event in Genshin Impact 2.3 update, which was released on 24th November 2021.

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Beidou Quiz Correct Answer

To start the quiz, talk to the crew members. Then go back and talk to Beidou. Select the ‘It was a breeze. I’ve got everything down pat‘ dialogue option to start the quiz.

Question 1: What is the single biggest danger facing crew members?
Correct Answer: Underestimating danger

Question 2: The supplementary chart has lots of lines in various colors for added reference. What is the purpose of these lines?
Correct Answer: To mark distances

Question 3: How can we reliably predict waterspouts, so we can avoid them?
Correct Answer: The presence of dark clouds and strong winds in opposite directions, plus white vortices in the clouds.

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