How To Get The Best Armor (Oseram Artificer) In Horizon Forbidden West

How To Get Oseram Artificer

This guide shows how to get the legendary armor, Oseram Artificer, in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s a warrior-type armor that gives buff to your power attacks, resonator-related abilities, and valor surge.

In order to obtain the Oseram Artificer, you will need to complete the salvage contracts that you will get from 4 NPCs in the game. First, you will need to find keruf, who is in Barren Light at the location marked in the picture below. Keruf has challenged his crew to enter a competition to see who can make the best armor.

Another salvage contractor is in the Greenswell, at the location marked below.

One salvager contractor is in the Stillsands, at the location marked below.

The final salvage contractor is in the Raintrace, at the location marked below.

Each of these contractors will give you 4-5 quick requests. For each of these contracts, you will have to find very specific machine parts. After completing all the salvaged contracts, go back to Kehuf for a final quest. Complete this quest to get the legendary Oseram Artificer

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