Best Frenemies Request: New Pokemon Snap Guide

Best Frenemies: Pinsir 4 Star Pose Request | New Pokemon Snap Guide

    • Go to Florio Nature Park (night)
    • Throw Illumina Orb on buried Pinsir. And then, press the scan button a few times to make Heracross fall from the tree.
    • A little ahead (just after crossing the lake) you will find Pinsir and Heracross fighting. 
    • Turn to your left and throw Illumina orb on the sleeping Sylveon to wake it up.
    • Play Melody as you approach near the fighting Pinsir and Heracross.
    • Sylveon will then appear and the three of them will laugh it off.
    • Take picture of Pinsir laughing with the other two (4-star pose) to complete this request.

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