Biomutant: Automaton Location in The Surf Hurdle

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The Surf Hurdle: Find the Automaton Box | Biomutant (Noticeboard Side Quest)

Surf Hurdle is a Location in BiomutantSurf Hurdle is located in the Whereabouts Biome sector 5G of the map. 

    • Interact with a Noticeboard located in the middle of the large dam that is the Surf Hurdle.
    • You will be assigned a new side quest ‘The Surf Hurdle’
    • Now, start following the trail down the dam using the zipline and reach the other end of the dam by climbing up again using metal hook/grabs, Follow the marked point till you reach an open manhole.
    • Climb down the manhole, continue exploring the underground area. to reach a pool. Interact with “Old World Gadget” and turn the nodes to match the color to empty the pool.
    • Head to the other side and break the wall with a knock fist. You’ll come up against a few groups of enemies
    • Go through the left door after breaking the wall and continue in a linear path. Climb up through the ladder to reach a big hall. Here again, You’ll come up against a few groups of enemies.
    • You can claim your loot after defeating them.

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