Biomutant Bangshelter 11I: Area Objectives Location Guide

  • Post published:May 31, 2021
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The following objectives become available when you reach Bangshelter 11I:

    • Ultimate Protective Suit x 1
    • Superb Loot x 7

Take the downstairs near the ruined building to reach the underground area. You will arrive in a large hall-like area.

Super Loot #1: Inside metal drawers on the right side of the hall.

Super Loot #2: In a wardrobe inside a small room on the left of stairs.

Super Loot #3: Interact with a small heap of garbage in the middle of the hall.

Super Loot #4: Go to the other side of the open door, just left where you found some trash. Unlock a door on the left. You will find superb loots in this room.

Ultimate Protective Suit 1: Break the glass case to get the suit.

Super Loot #5-7: Explore other rooms to find other three Superb Loots (one wardrobe is behind the wire mesh)

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