Biomutant Bio Nucleus 10K: Area Objectives Location Guide

  • Post published:June 8, 2021
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Biomutant is a unique open-world RPG where you use a complex character creator to create a bestial protagonist. Your choices in the character creator will even influence your character’s base stats! Through this Biomutant Trophy Guide, we aim to show you the smoothest, most pain-free route to the Biomutant Platinum Trophy. Welcome to the official Gamerpillar Guide and Walkthrough for Biomutant on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In this section, we’ll show you how to find and complete all area objectives of Bio Nucleus 10K.

Bio Nucleus 10K is a location in BiomutantBio Nucleus 10K is located in Sector 10K of the map. Each Location has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards and complete the area.


The following objectives become available when you reach Bio Nucleus 10K:

    • Resource Totem x 2
    • Bioblob Container x 3 
    • Superb Loot x6
    • Old World Gadget x 1
    • Mutation Spot x 1
    • Underground Area x1

Superb Loot #1: This is located at the start as you entered the circular building. You can find it is inside a table drawer.

Superb Loot #2:  Follow the linear path inside the circular building. This superb loot is located on the left side, inside a cupboard. 

Bioblob Container #1: It is lying on the ground adjacent to the Superb loot #2.

Underground Area: The path to the underground area is from the circular building as marked on the map. Continue going down the linear path to reach the underground region. You will find new big enemies in this area, fight off all these enemies before proceeding further.

Mutation Spot: As you progress further inside the underground area, you’ll come up against a big monster name ‘Mega Mork’ at the end. Defeat Mega Mork and interact with a bio contaminated sludge (circular boiling liquid spots of the ground) in the underground area.


Once all the above area objectives are completed then you can come out of the underground area to explore other locations.

Old World Gadget: Head inside building #2 marked on the map. Climb up to the metal catwalk. You will find the Old World Gadget (Rotation Puzzle) in the middle of the building. Rotate each of the nodes so that colors match each other.

Bioblob Container #2: Once the rotation puzzle is completed successfully, it will drain the contaminated sludge from the pit on the ground floor. Jump into the pit to collect Bioblob Container.

Superb Loot #3: This Superb loot is inside a shipping container outside of the building marked 3 on the map. The shipping container is on the southwestern wall side.

Resource Totem #1: This is a plastic Skrap and is located nearby the shipping container near the southwestern wall of building 3.

Superb Loot #4: This Superb loot is inside a garbage bin near the door of building 3. The garbage bin is outside of the building, near the northeastern wall side.

Bioblob Container #3: Head inside building #3 and climb up to the metal catwalk. You can find the Bioblob container in the middle of the catwalk.

Resource Totem #2: This is a Metal Skrap located near the north end of a big bio nucleus plant chimney. Destroy the Metal Skrap to complete the objective.

Superb Loot #5-6: Next two superb loot are the most tricky to collect. These two superb loots are located at the top of the bio nucleus plant chimney.

Here a combination of different abilities is needed to climb the pipe of the chimney. And to reach the metal hook that can be used to reach the top of the chimney.

The abilities used are Fungi Ability, Levitate, and Helipack. You can check the below-mentioned video for more help.

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