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Biomutant Classes Guide: Which class is the best for beginners?

So you will have a pretty big decision to make right from the beginning of Biomutant. Which is going to be which class are you going to play first. There are six classes in biomutant and one of them is reserved as a DLC/pre-order bonus. Each of these six classes provides pretty good passive and abilities.

The Classes in Biomutant are:


It combines gunplay with melee damage. This class has the most balanced stats out of all available in the game. We recommend this class for the first playthrough if you are not sure which one to play. It starts with the Perfect Reload perk (all character classes). Perfect Reload: Your ranged weapons are reloaded instantly and your next magazine is granted +20% damage.


This class fully focuses on ranged combat, it uses guns and other ranged weapons the most. The Commando starts with an automatic rifle and a one-handed melee weapon. It has perks of melee attacks if you are too low on health which is available at a later stage in the game. It has starting perk ‘Fury’, which has ranged weapon attacks inflicts 10% more damage to the target.


The Psi-Freak starts with the base pistol and a pair of Spark Gloves that will blast your enemies with psionic powers. The Psi-Freak perks place much emphasis on your ability attacks that deal with power damage. Starting Perks: Sparkball and Megamind 
    • Sparkball – It will make you throw the ball in the direction you are facing and inflicting damage to the enemy.
    • Megamind – Your Ki-Energy Regen is increased by 20%


Saboteur is a melee-focused class. This class starts with two perks as well, both of them being passive. It has very high melee damage and the second starting perk lowers the cost of dodging. Starting Perks: Twin Silver Grip and Hypergenetic.
    • Twin Silver Grip – Melee Dual Wield Skill. Equip two different one-handed melee weapons to dual wield them.
    • Hypergenetic – Your Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%.


The Sentinel is a melee class just like the Saboteur but focuses more on brute force and durability. Starting perk gives this class higher base armor and you will be able to endure more beatings. This class is good for open, face-to-face combat. Starting Perk:
    • Toughness – Your Base Armor is increased by 10.


Mercenary class is only available if you preorder the game or by buying a DLC. The class is a combination of the Saboteur and Commando. It offers an insane amount of damage and quickness. Starting perk are Twin Silver Grip & Fury
    • Twin Silver Grip: Melee Dual Wield Skill – Equip two different one-handed melee weapons to dual wield them.
    • Fury: Melee weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target.

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