How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

  • Post published:May 24, 2021
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Biomutant allows players with several ways to get around and explore the map, but if you want to get somewhere quick then fast travel is the best option. Learn how to fast travel in Biomutant below.

Here’s how and when you can Fast Travel in Biomutant.

Biomutant: How to fast travel

    • First, find a fast travel point in Biomutant and interact with it. The fast travel point is a yellow flag on a pole (signpost ).
    • When you interact with these yellow flags, your character will “mark” the territory. These are marked on your map with yellow dots.
    • Interact with these flags later on and you’ll be able to fast travel back to them at any time later on.
    • You can fast travel to the marked location by hovering over the point in the map and press the Space Button (or A on an Xbox controller).
    • You also cannot fast travel if there are enemies nearby.
    • You can fast-travel from a location as long as you are on the ground. If you are in an underground location or dungeon then you’ll have to find your way out before you can fast-travel. 

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