Biomutant Fluff Hulk Nest: Keyswallower Monster | Area Objectives Location Guide

  • Post published:June 1, 2021
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The following objectives become available when you reach Fluff Hulk Nest:

    • Resource Totem x2 
    • Keyswollowers Monster x 1
    • Superb Loot x 2
    • Secret Loot Vault x1

Resource Totem #1: It’s an E-waste skrap. You can find it right in the middle of an open area, just up the small hill near the broken bridge.

Keyswollowers Monster: Go toward the mountain cliff. Moster is sleeping near the mountain cliff not very far from Resource Totem #1. Defeat the monster.

Resource Totem #2: You can locate the Metal Skrap below the broken flyover near a rail coach on the southern end. 

Secret Loot Vault: You can find the stairs below the broken flyover section as shown in the image.

Superb Loot x 2: Both the loots can be found inside the Secret Loot Vault.

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