Biomutant: Holesome Mekton Wrekbox & collectibles Location Guide

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Where to find Mekton Wrekbox in Holesome: Biomutant

The Holesome Mekton Wrekbox location is underground, but if you look at the map it shows on the ground.

How to reach Holesome Mekton Wrekbox from the Surface

    • Look around “Plank-Place” for a ruined building and head into it to go underground Holesome area with an elevator.
    • Find your way downstairs and looting as you go.
    • Finally, you will find Holesome Mekton Wrekbox in the big open area.
    • Open the side door to get other loots aailable.

There are a total of 14 Mekton Wrekboxes in Biomutant. These boxes are scattered all around the map. Once you’ve found and equipped all Mekton Upgrades, you’ll unlock the Hammertime Bronze Trophy.

What is a Mekton Wrekbox?

Mekton Wrekbox is a box filled with customization parts for your Mekto, a pilotable mech in Biomutant that you can unlock by completing two quests: “The Recyclopedian” and “Skronk Salvage.”

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