How to Get the Biohazard Zone Suit: Biomutant Guide

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Biomutant | How to find the Bio Hazard Suit

In Biomutant there are some specific places where you must protect yourself from the hazardous environment. There are suits designed specifically to keep you safe. Out of the 5 suits, the Biohazard suit keeps you safe from radiation in the environment. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a Biohazard Suit in Biomutant.

The Biohazard Pingdish

You need to locate the relevant Pingdish on the map. These Pingdish are shown as huge satellite dishes. Head over to the Suburbia part of the map (Sector 6E, X: – 76706, Y: -85031), north of Murkadorpus Outpost to find the pingdish.

Defeat the enemies present in the area. Now it’s time to activate the pingdish.

Go into the building and approach the generator to solve the Rotation Puzzle. Match the colors by rotating the nodes to matching up the color symbols. Once this puzzle is complete you will have control of the satellite dish above.

Biohazard Suit Location

The next step is to set the dish in such a way that it lines up with the signals. Simply move it until it vibrates, and hit the Interact button. The location of the corresponding suit will be marked on the map. Location is at Bangshelter 6D.

Bangshelter 6D is south of Sknapptrutt Outpost. Once you’ve reached the location, head inside the bunker and use the lift to go underground area. Make your way through it until you reach the final room to find the Biohazard Zone Suit inside a glass case.

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