Biomutant: How to Open Sparkplant Vault for Ultimate Melee Weapon Guide

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Biomutant Suburbia Vault: Find Out The Vault Key Location And Unlock Sparkatron Hypicskrom

  • To collect Ultimate Melee Weapon, you must open the Sparkplant Vault, and that can be done after obtaining a relevant key.
  • The Sparkplant Vault Key can be obtained after defeating a monster name Sparky Twigsnuts. This monster will spawn in Sparkplant only after initiating a particular Biomutant side quest.
  • Head to meet Moog. He resides in the Deadzone. You can use an Oxygen Suit or Mekton robot to safely travel through any Hypoxia Zone.
  • Interact with Moog, and he will provide you a side quest known as The Schacky Trunkgnut. 
  • After getting the quest head back to Sparkplant and fight with the enemy name Sparky Trunkgnut and defeat him to get the Vault key.
  • This will initiate The Sparkplant Vault side quest.
  • Vault location is marked on the map. You can enter the Vault from the western side of the building.
  • Head inside the bunker. You’ll be rewarded with Knok Umph.

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