Biomutant Krossway 10E: Area Objectives Location Guide

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Biomutant is a unique open-world RPG where you use a complex character creator to create a bestial protagonist. Your choices in the character creator will even influence your character’s base stats! Through this Biomutant Trophy Guide, we aim to show you the smoothest, most pain-free route to the Biomutant Platinum Trophy. Welcome to the official Gamerpillar Guide and Walkthrough for Biomutant on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In this section, we’ll show you where to find the solar farm and complete all area objectives of Krossway 10E.


The following objectives become available when you reach Krossway 10E:

    • Resource Totem x 2
    • Bioblob Container x 1
    • Superb Loot x 6
    • Old World Gadget x 1

Here is a summary to located and complete all area objectives of 

Krossway 10E. You’ll find this area southwest of Underfoot Outpost out in the Fnackyleaves. This area consists of three buildings, two on the east side of the road a single building on the western side. There is also a small river flowing nearby the building. The area is being guarded by a few monsters, which you can likely quickly mow through. 

Resource Totem #1: This E-waste Skrap is pretty easy to locate. You can this Totem southwestern corner near an old bus stand. you just need to go south of building 2 on the west side, as marked on the map.

Bioblob Container: Head inside the building marked as 1 on the above image. Open its grilled gate with your Klawbar. You can find the Bioblob container lying on the ground in a corner of the first floor.

Old World Gadget: Head to the second floor of building 1 (where you find Bioblob Container). You will find the Old World Gadget (Raylighter) beside a bed. Like with most of the Old-World gadget collectibles, you’re going to need to solve a quick rotation puzzle for each of these. Rotate the nodes so that color matches each other. If you need some help to know what your puzzle should look like, check out the image of a finished puzzle below. 

Note: There is a total of five Raylighters in the whole Biomutant game. The other Raylighters can be found at Krossway 3I, Shop Shop 5K, Suburbia, and Fixer-Upper 10G. Your reward for collecting all five of these gadgets will be a nice chunk of XP.

Superb Loot #1: Go to the adjacent room where you find Old world Gadget (Raylighter). Interact with the Fridge to collect your superb loot. You will find two different kinds of loots here.

Superb Loot #2: This Superb loot is inside a green color garbage bin. You can find this garbage bin outside the building marked 1. It is adjacent to a glass door.

Superb Loot #3: Head inside the shop with a cow logo (building 3 ). You need to open the shop door with your Klawbar. You will find Superb loot on the ground behind the front rack.

Superb Loot #4: Now head to the second floor of the same building 3. Interact with the fridge in the kitchen to get your next set of Superb loot.

Superb Loot #5: Go to the fourth floor of the same building (3). There is a tightrope connect to the building on the opposite side of the road. Now walk on this tightrope to reach the roof of the other building. Your next superb loot is kept inside a wooden box on the roof.

Superb Loot #6: Jump to the rooftop of the adjacent room and use the Zipline to reach the adjacent building. Superb loot is inside a wooden box near the billboard on top of the building.

Resource Totem #2: This Resouce totem can be found behind building 1 near a running river. You can direct walk to the location or can use your glider to fly and reach the location. Destroy the wooden Skrap to complete the entire area objective.


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