Biomutant: Lumentower Area Objectives (Illumination Side Quest)

  • Post published:May 29, 2021
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This page of our guide to Biomutant features a walkthrough of the side quest ‘The Lumentower’. We have described everything you need to do in order to complete the quest and earn the rewards.

How to Complete Illumination Side Quest: Biomutant Walkthrough

Resource Totem x 1

    • You can find a rubber totem to the left of the entrance

Bioblob Container x 1

    • At the bottom level of the lighthouse

Superb Loot x 1

    • In the lockbox near the entrance after the Circuit breaker (Old World Gadget)

Old World Gadget x 2

    • Circuit breaker used to gain access to Lumentower
    • A Television on the second floor of the lighthouse at the base of the stairs.

Old World Bodyshaper x 1

    • Interact with the lever at the top of the lighthouse 

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