Biomutant: Munchhouse 6C Mekton Wrekbox Location Guide

  • Post published:May 26, 2021
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Where to find Mekton Wrekbox in Munchhouse 6C: Biomutant

There are a total of 14 Mekton Wrekboxes in Biomutant. These boxes are scattered all around the map. Once you’ve found and equipped all Mekton Upgrades, you’ll unlock the Hammertime Bronze Trophy.

    • The Munchhouse 6C Mekton Wrekbox location is out in the open in a diner/restaurant parking lot (next to the Fuoho building) just left of a big billboard.
    • Here you will have to fight a few enemies before you can loot.
    • After looting the Wrekbox, head into the restaurant building.
    • Go to the backroom and use a wrench to open a door leading to another room.
    • Check into the fridge to find more loots.

What is a Mekton Wrekbox?

A Mekton Wrekbox is a box filled with customization parts for your Mekto, a pilotable mech in Biomutant that you can unlock by completing two quests: “The Recyclopedian” and “Skronk Salvage.”

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