Biomutant Plumsidums Googlide Wrekbox Locations (How to Guide)

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Googlide is a motorboat-like vehicle that helps players to traverse through water in Biomutant. You will get this machine during the Gulp questline in the main story. Once you have it in your possession, the Googlide is upgradeable and customizable. There are a total of nine Googlide Wrekboxes you will need to find to be able to fully upgrade and get all the customization options.

To find the Googlide Wrekboxes simply go to the ‘Side Quest’ tab in the Journal and select ‘Googlide Wrekboxes’ side quest and the marker will directly lead you to the Locations. All the Wrekboxes can be easily collected except the one near Plumsidums, inside a cave blocked by a wall. This article will show how to get that Wrekbox.

Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes Location in Plumsidums

To get this Googlide Wrekbox you will need to get Mjut as a Mount.

To get Mjut you will first need to talk to Noko at Gnoat Pen to start her questline. Complete the questline and get Mjut as mount. Mjut has the ability to pull down Stalagmite walls that usually block cave and tunnel entrances.

Gnoat pen is at the northern portion of Knupstonies area. Check Picture 1 Below and the video link at the bottom of the page to see the exact location of Gnoat Pen.

In Gnoat Pen talk to Noko to start her questline. First Quest is ‘The Lost Mjut’ for which your objective is to find the Lost Mjut and bring it back to Noko. Once you have done it you won’t get the Mjut yet. Your next objective will be to get Bon-Bon Gummy from Krossway 7J to calm down the frightened Mjut.

Once you have finished this objective, Noko will feed Bon-Bon gummy to the Mjut and it will calm down. The Mjut is still not rideable. To mount it you need to get a heavy sit tight from an old-world Mekamjut at Smilo Shoppers. Once you bring the Heavy Sit-Tight to Noko the Mjut becomes ready to ride but Noko will task you with another quest before she gives it to you.

For the next objective go to Brightlight and ask Mito about Glittermoths. Mito will give you the location of Glittermoth Groto. Go there, catch five Glittermoths and bring them back to Noko. this will complete Noko’s questline and you will get Mjut as a mount to ride.

Once you have Mjut, head just north of Plumsidums. The Googlide Wrekbox is inside a cave, entrance to which is blocked by a Stalagmite wall. You will need to break the wall leading to the cave to get the Wrekbox.

Call the Mjut and mount it. Then approach the cave while riding the Mjut. As you get near the wall you will see a prompt on the screen. Press the prompt to latch a hook on the cave wall.

Use the Mjut to pull down the Stalagmite wall at the entrance by moving in the direction opposite to the cave wall with the hook latched on it. 

Once the wall is down, go inside the cave to get the Googlide Wrekbox.

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