Biomutant Puttiupper Plaza: Area Objectives Location Guide

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Biomutant is a unique open-world RPG where you use a complex character creator to create a bestial protagonist. Your choices in the character creator will even influence your character’s base stats! Through this Biomutant Trophy Guide, we aim to show you the smoothest, most pain-free route to the Biomutant Platinum Trophy. Welcome to the official Gamerpillar Guide and Walkthrough for Biomutant on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In this section, we’ll show you where to find the solar farm and complete all area objectives of Puttiupper Plaza.


Puttiupper Plaza is a spot in BiomutantPuttiupper Plaza is located in the Sector 8I of the map. This area is east of the Tree of Life in the Yerpfields biome. Each spot in Biomutant has different objectives that you can complete to earn rewards and complete the area. The following objectives become available when you reach Puttiupper Plaza:

    • Helpless Soul x 1
    • Resource Totem x 1
    • Bioblob Container x 3
    • Superb Loot x 5
    • Old World Gadget x 1

Here is the summary of all the area objectives along with the area map.

    • Bioblob Container #1: There is one big ruined building in the entire area. Head inside the building. You can find this Bioblob container lying on the ground near the southwestern wall of the building.
    • Superb Loot #1: This Superb Loot is just beside the above Bioblob Container #1, near sandbags in the southwestern wall of the building.
    • Helpless Soul: To complete this area objective you need to release the captive from the cage. You can find the cage hanging in the middle of the building. Once the captive is free a cut scene will also start.
    • Superb Loot #2: This Superbloot is nearby the helping Soul. Interact with a big green color garbage bin near the Helping Soul.

Old World Gadget: It is a solar panel Puzzle. The location is already marked on the map. You need to rotate the nodes of the Solar panel to match the color.

You get a Side Quest for it automatically when entering this anti-oxygen area. This is a Hypoxia Zone, which means you need a way to protect your lungs. You can pick up The Oxygen Suit before heading in.

The Mirror is found at Puttiupper Plaza, which is east of the Tree of Life in the Yerpfields biome. Once the rotation puzzle is solved, you need to align the solar panel now. Rotate the solar panel and make it glow or shine. When you’re in the right spot, so just need to turn it until you see sparkles on the solar panel as shown in the image. Lock in the location and this will finish the quest. 

You’ll now have access to the Solar Mirror weapon top mod. This item greatly increases the accuracy of any ranged weapon you fix it to.

Resource Totem: It is located in the north of the big building. I have marked the location on the map. Head to this location, you can find the Rubber Skrap in the open area. Destroy the Resource Totem to this objective.

Superb Loot #3: It is inside a shipping container. Loot is inside a wooden box. This shipping container is not very far from the Resource Totem.

Bioblob Container #2: You can find it on the ground near the shipping container. Look outside the shipping container to find the Bioblob Container lying on the ground near a big garbage bin.

Superb Loot #4: This loot is located inside the trunk of a car. Head to the eastern area of the map as marked. You will find few small ponds in this area and find your way to the car. Look for a blue color destroyed car and interact with its trunk to find the loot.

Bioblob Container #3: It is located on the northern part as marked on the map. This Bioblob is surrounded by small ponds and you have to find your path through these small ponds. You may encounter few enemies also in this area.

Superb Loot #5: Superb loot is in a wooden box surrounded by sandboxes. It is located in the northern area of the map near a red color shipping container.


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