Biomutant Quests: List of all Missions

  • Post published:May 24, 2021
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There are a total of 55 Main Missions/Quests in the Biomutant game.

Biomutant: All Main Quests

Bunker 101

    • Meat Eater’s Meat
    • Lupa Lupin
    • Live to Fight Another Day
    • Bunker 101 (Part 1)
    • Evolution Gone Wrong
    • Just Down the Hall
    • Keep Going
    • The Ammo Crate
    • The Next Thing
    • The Regen Bag
    • Upwards and Onwards
    • Sludge Soaker
    • Toxanol Oil Depot
    • The Rocka-Boom
    • The Pum Hub
    • The Iron Wall
    • The Workshop
    • The Klawbar
    • The Pump Room
    • Fenced Off
    • The Oil Pipe
    • Bunker 101 (Part 2)
    • Defeat the Morks
    • Bunker 101 (Part 3)
    • Old World Knowledge
    • The Raylighter
    • Fight the Scavengers
    • The Back Room
    • A New Friend, An Old Friend
    • A New Friend
    • Glittergrass
    • The Nono
    • The Inosculated Pensai
    • The End of the World

The Long-Gone

    • The Signpost
    • The First Steps
    • The Village Wrek
    • The Survivor

Another World

    • An Alliance
    • The Childhood Village
    • Unswimming
    • Wung-Fu Training (Part 1)
    • Up-Cycling
    • Push Over
    • Wung-Fu Training (Part 2)
    • Laundrypile
    • Wung-Fu Training (Part 3)
    • A Guiding Star
    • Lupa-Lupin Inferno
    • Lupa-Lupin
    • The Last Stand
    • Flee
    • A Path Forward
    • Out of Control Room
    • The Klonkfist. 

The quests in Biomutant are split into two parts, Main Missions where you play through the main campaign and story and Side Missions, usually in the form of helping out NPCs and being rewarded with weapons, armor, and other valuables to help your progression.

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