Biomutant Sludge Deodorizum: Area Objectives Location Guide

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The following objectives become available when you reach Sludge Deodorizum:

    • Resource Totem x 4
    • Bioblob Container x 2
    • Superb Loot x13
    • Ultimate Meleeweapon x1
    • Old World Gadget x4
    • Underground Area x1

Superb Loot #1: As you enter the area you will find four big oil storage tankers. You need to climb to the top of the first oil storage tanker by metal hooks and find the way to the third unit by walking on the pipe and tightrope. Superb loot is inside a wooden box.

Resource Totem #1: Plastic Skrap is at the southwestern corner.

Superb loots #2-3:

Climb down the manhole just beside Resource Totem #1. Continue to follow the underground drainage pipe and once the area opens jump onto the raised platform.

On the right, you will find a breakable wall. Use Klock fist to break the wall and enter the hidden room. Collect two superb loots from here.

Old World Gadget #1: Circuit Board Puzzle

Now head to the other side of the underground drainage area and go through the door. Inside, you need to enter the first door on the right side which is locked.

Interact with the circuit board at the end corridor. To solve the puzzle you need to toggle the diode in the correct order to make the whole circuit board turn green. The important point to keep in mind is that toggling one will change the color of the subsequent one as well.

Superb loots #4-6:

Once the circuit puzzle is solved, head back to the room as the door are unlocked now. Here you will find three superb loots: Two inside two different cupboards and one by interacting with the garbage heap.

Underground Area: Go through the first door on the right side (opposite to the Superb Loot’s room) to reach the underground area. 

Old World Gadget #2: Rotation Puzzle

At the end of the underground area, you will find a pool of drainage water blocking your further progress. Look right to find the next old World Gadget which is a Rotation puzzle. Here rotate the nodes of each pipe to match the color and this will drain the water.

Bioblob Container #1: Drain the pool of water by solving the above rotation puzzle. Cross to the other side of the water to collect Bioblob Container.

Superb loots #7-8:

Go through the door on the left wall (inside the underground area ) to reach a new room. Here you will find two Superb Loots.

Old World Gadget #3: Cable Puzzle

Solve the cable puzzle to open a gate that leads you out in the open area.

Ultimate Meleeweapon:

Go to Sludge Deodorizum and fight the Greasy Polliconey boss in the area. You can find him not very far away from big oil storage tanks in the middle area. Once defeated, pick up the Deodorizum vault key that drops and use it at the Deodorizum Vault to find the weapon. This will start a new side quest “Deodorizum Vault”. I have marked the Vault location on the map. It is between two bog oil storage tankers on the northeastern side.

Superb loots #9-11:

Inside the Deodorizum Vault, you will also find three Superb loots.

Resource Totem #2:

This is a Rubber Skrap. You can find it along the middle road as marked on the map. Behind the building just opposite Deodorizum Vault.

Bioblob Container #2: It is on the second floor of a blue color building on the western side of the area.

Old World Gadget #4: Rotation Puzzle

Here you have to solve the rotation puzzle to drain the water. Old world gadget is on the second floor of the blue color building.

Superb loots #12: Solve the rotation puzzle to drain the water around the cylinders on the first floor. This will reveal a box that was submerged in the water. Go to the first floor and collect the item.

Superb loots #13: It is on the third floor of the blue color building. There is no direct way to reach the third floor. Go to the location where you find the Bioblob container as there is an opening on the roof. Use the fungi ability to reach the third floor. Superb loot is inside a room.

Resource Totem #3: Plastic skrap is located on the south end of the blue color building.
Resource Totem #4: Rubber skrap is located on the northwestern side near the broken flyover

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