Biomutant Sludgegush Fields: Area Objectives Location Guide

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The following objectives become available when you reach Sludgegush Fields:

    • Bioblob Container x 2
    • Ultimate Ranged Weapon x1
    • Superb Loot x5
    • Old World Gadget x2
    • Underground Area x1

Go to Sludgegush Fields and fight the Emergent Bulgtusk boss in the area. You can find him not very far away from big oil storage tanks. Once defeated, pick up the vault key that drops and use it at the Unwell Place Vault to find the weapon. This will start a new side quest “Unwell place Vault”.


Ultimate Ranged Weapon:
You can find ‘Ultimate Ranged Weapon’ inside Unwell place Vault. Vault location is auto-marked on the map. It is on the southwestern area of the map.

Superb Loot #1: You can find it inside Unwell place Vault only.

Superb Loot #2: It is inside a shipping container north of oil storage tanks.

    • Underground Area: You can find the entrance to the underground area north of oil storage tanks.
    • Bioblob Container #1: Inside the underground area, break the wall using Klonk Fist and head inside the hidden room to collect Bioblob Container.
    • Head further inside the underground area and cross a pool by walking over a rope.
    • Check left to find metal hook/hangs and cross to the other side.
    • Find Superb Loot #3 inside a cupboard. Continue further into the tunnel.
    • Interact with a pile of trash to find the next superb loot #4.
    • Follow the linear path and climb up using the ladder. Interact with a power box and solve Old World Gadget #1.
  • Bioblob Container #2: Head to the northwestern part as marked on the map and use the zipline to descend. You will find the Bioblob Container near the crane
  • Superb Loot #2: Head inside the adjacent room/post to find Superb loot inside a cupboard.
  • Old World Gadget: Solve the Radio puzzle by tunning the radio nodes to match the color. The radio is on a table inside the same room.

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