Biomutant Sludgy Junkstorage: Area Objectives Location Guide

  • Post published:June 1, 2021
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The following objectives become available when you reach Sludgy Junkstorage:

    • Bioblob Container x 1
    • Superb Loot x 3
    • Old World Gadget x1

Superb Loot #1:

    • It is at the top of a billboard and it is a bit tricky to reach that height.
    • You have to run to the top reach by hill and use the Fungi ability to jump into the air.
    • Finally, you can glide using the air glider to reach the billboard top.
    • Head to the right and climb the broken bridge to find a large empty pool and a sludge truck/oil tanker propped up over the pool
    • Jump on the top of the sludge truck and knock the lid off the sludge truck to fill up the pool area. 
    • While the pool is getting filled, jump into the pool onto the wooden plank. 
    • Use other planks as a platform to move toward the tunnel entrance.
    • Once Inside go to the left after the small stairs, you’ll find  Superb Loot, Bioblob container.
    • Interact with the power box. Here you will get a new type of puzzle – Cable Connect.

Cable Connect Puzzle Sludgy Junkstorage: Biomutant

Each slot has Xs and a few have Xs and -Xs. There are three cables, and these are inserted into two slots each. The sum of all the Xs interacting with cables is represented by the green row of Xs at the bottom. We need to get the green line to match the grey line of Xs below by moving the cables around.

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