Biomutant The Pinpricker Side Quest: Walkthrough

  • Post published:June 3, 2021
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Biomutant: The Pinpricker Side Quest

    • Old World Gadget #1: Interact with the power box inside the Garage and solve the circuit puzzle. This will also open the barn door.
    • Old World Gadget #2: Head inside the barn. On the upper level, you will find another power box . 
    • I have marked the location in the image. 
    • Use two large cylinders at the corner to jump and find your way to reach the power box. Interact with the power box to solve the puzzle.
    • This will open a window on the adjacent wall from where you can walk on a tightrope to reach a large circular storage unit.
  • From the first storage unit jump onto the second storage unit.
  • Now use the tightrope to reach other windows of the barn where you will find Hayloft.
  • Interact with the hayloft search for pin picker.

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  1. Michael Kelly

    This sidequest is so impossibly aggravating! I can get to the first silo and up the tower but it is nearly impossible to jump to the second tower, I have tried multiple angles, etc. and then you have to go ALL the way back to the beginning in the barn. Needs to be a shortcut once you’ve made it to the silo to get back without needing another hundred tries just to back to that point and fall to the ground again. Ready to just quit at this point, made it far too hard to complete some of these challenges.

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