Biomutant: Wiffle Factory Area Objectives Guide

  • Post published:May 29, 2021
  • Post category:Biomutant

You can enter the Wiffle Factory by climbing the chimney using handgrips (metal hook) first and then onto the rooftop. Drop down from one of the big exhaust fans to enter inside.

How to located Superb Loots inside Wiffle Factory in Biomutant 

Below are the area objectives at Wiffle Factory in Biomutant!

Superb Loot #1

    • Inside a shipping container, in the back of the semi.

Superb Loot #2

    • This one is a bit tricky to access. Head to the big hall of the Wiffle factory. Superb loot is located a level up from the ground.
    • Use the below image for reference to climb and collect the superb Loot

Old World Gadget x1

    • Solve the Circuit Breaker Puzzle on the south side of the factory near the exit

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