5 Black Ducks Locations Puzzle: Get Secret Weapon (Doom & Darth Vader Easter Egg) | Dying Light 2

This guide shows the location of the 5 Evil Black Duckies in Dying Light 2. The guide will also show how to use the ducks to solve a puzzle to start a Secret Doom Challenge to get a Secret Weapon with Darth Vader’s power.

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All Black Ducks Locations

There is a total of 5 evil black ducks in the game.

1) VNC Tower Safe

The duck is inside a safe in the VNC Tower. To get to this safe, first you will need to complete the “Broadcast” main quest.

Once you’ve completed the “Broadcast” main quest, enter the VNC Tower and go to the elevator lobby as shown in the picture below. Take the elevator to reach the VNC tower roof.

Jump down from the roof at the location shown in the picture below. The safe is in a room one level below the roof as shown in the second picture below. Jump down the roof and grapple your way inside the room containing the safe.

You will find the clue to get the safe code, kept on a table in the corner of the room. The note says, “If U 555, Then I’m …”. The clue is referring to Slipknot’s The Heretic Anthem. The lyrics of the song contain a line “If you’re 555, then I’m 666”. So, the safe code is 6-6-6. Open the safe and get the rubber duckie.

2) Observatory

The duck is on the top of the tower at the Observatory entrance as shown in the pictures below. After you have completed the “Observatory” main quest, you will be able to go inside the gate. From there you can parkour to the top of the tower and get the back rubber duckie there.

3) Lower Dam Ayre

The duck is in the south portion of Lower Dam Ayre at the location shown below.

4) The Wharf: Undertwater

Go to the northwest portion of The Wharf at the location marked below. This duckie is underwater. Dive into the water at the marked location. On the floor of the water, you will see a submerged car. Lockpick the car boot and you will find the duckie inside it.

5) Houndfield

The duck is on the northwest portion of Houndfield at the location marked below.

How to use the Black Ducks (Doom Easter Egg)

Once you have the 5 evil black duckies, go to the VNC tower. Take the elevator in the VNC tower and take it to the basement. Go to the flooded portion of the basement and swim straight to reach a yellow gate as shown below.

Open the yellow gate and swim straight ahead until you come out of the water. Open the door in front of you to reach the elevator as shown below. Take this elevator to level 0.

At level 0, you will see 5 altars as shown below. There will be a green and a red terminal behind each altar. First, place the 5 black duckies on the altars. After that, pull the cables from the green terminals and connect them to the red terminals to form a star. Connects the terminals in the pattern described below:
Connect 1 to 3
Connect 3 to 5
Connect 5 to 2
Connect 2 to 4
Connect 4 to 1

Once you have connected the cables, a gun will appear at the center as shown below. Interact with the gun to start a challenge, which plays like the first Doom game.
Note: Because of a bug, many players are not able to place the black duckies on the altars.

How To Get Dying Force Secret Weapon (Star Wars Darth Vader’s Force Choke Easter Egg)

As you are playing the challenge, you will reach a location with a zig-zag path, with water on both sides as shown in the picture below. After this path, you will enter a hallway. Interact with the wall on the right side of this hallway to open a secret path.

Continue on this secret path. Eventually, you will reach a little pool with a secret weapon blueprint at the center as shown below.

The name of this secret weapon is Dying Force. When it is equipped, you get the power to choke an army of zombies like Darth Vader.

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