Blazin’ Trails Part 1: Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows how to complete the “Blazin’ Trails Part 1” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. Blazin’ Trails is an Event Quest during the Summertime Odyssey Event. This is the first quest of the three parts.

Rest until the following day (06:00 — 24:00)

As the quest start, change the time to 06:00 – 24:00 Tomorrow.

Talk to everyone

Head to the island below the Broken Isle and talk with all the other members.

Head to the island in the north

Go to the small island north of the Broken Isle and speak with Xinyan and the others. 

Strike the strangely shaped plant

You will be transported to a new domain once you go near the drum. Speak with everyone again at the new domain.

Go to the brightly lit place

At the new domain, hit the Drum to make the platforms float near to you. Jump onto the platform to get transported to the other side.

At the new location, you will get a tutorial on how to use the Melodic Harp. An Activated Melodic Harp will release sound waves that will cause Melodic Boom to release fire notes. The direction of Melodic Boom can be changed to transfer the notes.

Here, you will need to solve Melodic Harp and Bloom puzzles. Adjust the Blooms’ orientation such that the Note from the Harp will reach the larger Bloom and start an air current that will carry it to the following platform. In the below image you just need to change the orientation of 1 Bloom.

Use the wind current to reach the next platform.

Look for the key

At the new location, speak with everyone once again and your next task is to find the key to the door. Glid to the next island from the route near the Common Chest.

At this new location, you will find a locked Melodic Harp. Step on the Melodic Pedals and then step on all other Melodic Pedals without moving back or skipping panels. This will unlock the Melodic Harp

Now, refer to the below diagram. 

without making any changes hit the Melodic Harp and it will unlock the chest and collect the key from it.

Wind current:
Rotate only the bloom near the chest and hit the Melodic Harp to create the air current. Use the wind current to reach the previous platform.

Open the door using the key

Use the key to open the door and proceed to the end of the path.

Approach the giant flower

Continue to follow the trail and at the end glide to reach the giant flower. After the cutscene, you will be transferred back to the island north of Broken isle.

Clear the water veins that flow through the mountains

After the cutscene, follow the trail of water veins until you see a pile of rock. Use Elemental Sight to find the path.

Destroy the rock and continue to follow the water veins until you reached a sealed cave’s entrance.

Rotate the alignment of the blood and hit the Melodic Harp to break the entrance seal.

Continue to follow the trail of water veins inside the cave and destroy another pile of rock. Use Elemental Sight to find the path.

Continue to follow the trail of water again using Elemental Sight. This time it will point up the mountain. You can simply climb the mountain.

At the top, you need to clear the root by shooting the Melodic Harp. Clear the root by shooting the Melodic Harp to it. Here you need to make an adjustment on two blooms. 1st bloom should be adjusted to shoot at an angle and the last bloom should be rotated toward the root.

Obtain Glacial Spring Water

Finally, collect the Glacial Spring Water near the small pond.

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