Boar Hunt: Nier Replicant Quest Guide

How to Hunt a Boar and Ride a Boar in Nier Replicant?


You can start the quest after speaking with an old man sitting on the box in the Nier’s market area. He is the first person you see on your left as you enter the village market.

You can find the boar in the Northern Plains area, it is on the west side across the bridge. The reward is 1000 golds and you get the ability to ride boars.

Hunt Boar Quest Nier Replicant

How to hunt a Boar?

Hide behind nearby boulders, and wait for the boar to charge. When it smashes into the boulders and daze for a few seconds, deal as much damage as you can, and then hide behind the boulders again. Repeat that process until you kill the boar and collect the Boar Tusk.

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