Bob’s Bottles Emotional Baggage and Tags Locations | Psychonauts 2 Collectibles Guide

Emotional Baggage is collectibles in Psychonauts 2 that can be found in the Mental Levels. These are the person’s emotional baggage, which is represented as various types of bags, all of which cry relentlessly. For each baggage, you will find a matching tag. Reunite the tag with its corresponding bag to resolve an emotional issue. There are a total of five Emotional Baggage in Bob’s Bottles level. This article shows the location of all the tags and the baggage and how to get them.

Dufflebag Tag & Dufflebag

During the mission, you will enter a red bottle (Tia’s Kitchen). Inside the red bottle, you will meet Bob, who will be floating upside down from the claws of a bird. Floating Bob will create a path for you. Follow the path. After crossing two platforming sections you will reach an area where you will see Bob floating upside down from a vine. In this area, you will find the Dufflebag up on a platform. The Dufflebag tag is behind a refrigerator, which is above a platform as shown in the picture below.

Purse Tag & Purse

Proceed ahead from the Dufflebag location mentioned above. Shortly you will reach a kitchen. After the kitchen, you will again see Bob floating in the air. Follow him as the floating Bob creates the path. In this region, you will have to jump on a tree stump as shown below. Here you can see the Purse tag on one side and a couple of straw sticks on the other as shown in the picture below. Use the stick to reach the purse on top of a mountain(See the second picture below).

Hatbox Tag & Hatbox

Hatbox Tag and Hatbox are on Bob’s Island. After you start rowing the Door-Shaped-Boat, go straight to reach the island with the red bottle. On the left of this island, you will find another island with a girl named Lilly on it. On this island, you will find both Hatbox Tag and Hatbox.

Steamer Trunk Tag & Steamer Trunk

You will Steamer Trunk Tag on the island with the blue bottle. It will be sitting right next to some big rocks near the water.

The Steamer Trunk is on an island with a man named Truman Zanotto on it. In front of him, you will see a wooden platform with the Streamer Trunk at its end.

Suitcase Tag & Suitcase

The Suitcase Tag is in the Viking Reception area inside the blue bottle. After climbing up to the reception area, turn around to see a large cake. The tag is at the top of the cake at the center of three candles as shown in the picture below.

The suitcase is on the left side of the reception stage as highlighted with a black arrow in the picture below.

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