Bricktown Toilet Rotation Puzzle: Find the Flush Stools | Biomutant Walkthrough

  • Post published:May 26, 2021
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Biomutant Toilet Rotation Puzzle – All Locations & Solutions Flush Stools

Biomutant: Find the Flush Stools

    • As you pass through the underground, go through the door on the left after the stairs instead of entering Bricktown.
    • Go through the building until you reach the stairs leading up.
    • On the left (opposite to stairs), you will find a door that leads into a toilet.
    • Interact with the toilet bowl, spin the valves to match the colors.
    • Yellow color should face Yellow color, while white color should face white.

Alternatively, In order to get to the Bricktown Flush Stool, head to the middle of Bricktown and look around to find a building with graffiti.

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