Broken Isle: Luxurious Chest Puzzle Location Guide | Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows where to find Luxurious Chest in the Broken Isle in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. First, complete all the quests of Blazin’ Trails.

Once you finish Xinyan’s Domain, go back inside to the Frozen Soul, an Icy flower. I have taken this location as a reference point to start the search for Luxurious Chest.

Exit the area where you find Frozen Soul and turn left. Enter the door at the end of the passage, and it will take you to a new Domain area.

This domain includes a series of bloom puzzles, but they’re pretty straightforward. At first, the location just hit the Melodic Harp to create a small wind current that will take you to other islands.

At the second location also, just hit Melodic Harp to create wind rings and use it to move to the third location.

Third location: Walk on melodic pedals to activate the Melodic Harp. Then Hit the Melodic Harp for the first time to clear the roots and again hit the Melodic Harp for the second time to create wind rings.

At the next location, you will find a Heron (Bird) in the middle of the large area. Defeat all the enemies and then interact with the Heron (Bird). Follow Heron to enter a door.

Follow the heron, and hit the drum to create a new path.

Continue in the newly created path and then hit the second drum also. This will unlock the seal around the Melodic harp near the exit/entry of the Icy Flower room.

Now retract the path to the earlier location where Heron was standing earlier. Head to the right and hit Melodic Harp to create wind rings and use it to move to the next location

Enter the door at the new location to reach back to the starting point and head toward the icy room.

At the entrance, you will find the unsealed Melodic Harp. Hit the Melodic Harp and follow the notes to the back of the icy room. Notes from the Melodic Harp will unlock another sealed there that contains a Luxurious chest.

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