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This guide shows how to restore the power of Radahn’s Great Rune and how to use it in Elden ring. You will get Radahn’s Great Rune by defeating him in Redmane Castle. The Great Rune has lost its beneficial power and the power can be restored at the Divine Tower of Caelid, which is on the northern side of Caelid as shown in the pictures below.

Approach the divine tower of Caelid from the southwest side. Then, jump on the branch as shown below. If you are unable to jump on the branch, then use Torrent’s double jump. From the branch, jump on the ledge ahead and then climb the ladder as shown below.

Now, jump on the arches on the left side and go to the next ledge. Then jump over one more arch to reach a ledge with a ladder as shown in the pictures below. Climb this ladder and enter the tower.

After entering the tower, climb up the stairs on the right side. Then take the elevator to reach the roof. Interact with the symbol on the roof to activate Radahn’s Great Rune. Now when you see Radahn’s Great rune in the inventory, you will see that its power has been restored. It raises maximum HP, FP, and Stamina.

How to use Godrick’s Great Rune

To use the Rune, rest on any Site of Grace, and equip the Great rune. Now you will need to activate the great rune. To activate it, you will need to consume a Rune Arc. When the Great Rune is equipped and you have consumed a Rune Arc, you will see that your HP, FP, and Stamina bars have increased. The effect will be active until you die.

Where to get Rune Arc

You can purchase Rune Arc from Twin Maiden Husks in the Table of Lost Grace for 4000 Runes as shown in the pictures below.

You can also get Rune Arc as enemy drops, specifically rats. a good place to farm for the Rune Arcs is the basement of Dragon-Burnt Ruins, which is on the east of the starting location in Limgrave as shown below. In the basement, you will find 5 rats. They have high a chance of dropping Rune Arc.

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