Calibrate three ADS Cannons (Chapter 4) | Dead Space Remake

How to Calibrate three ADS Cannons

This guide shows how to complete the Calibrate three ADS Cannons objective in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent in Dead Space Remake. Please note that you will be able to access some areas only from the story progression. So, if you are unable to open some doors then don’t fret as you will be able to access those areas later.

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This objective starts after you reroute power from Water Purification. After Rerouting Power from Water Purification, go through the door on the left side of the Circuit Breaker. Take the elevator ahead and continue on a linear path to reach the Exterior Access. here you will see three ADS Cannons as shown in the picture below. Approach an ADS Cannon and interact with it. Then point the ADS Cannon toward three asteroids. Destroying three asteroids with the ADS Cannon will calibrate it. Calibrating all the there ADS Cannons will complete the objective.

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