Doll’s Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village: Shadows of Rose

This guide shows how to solve the “Doll’s Puzzle” in the Shadows of Rose DLC in Resident Evil Village, which is released on 28 October 2022. After doing surgery on the monkey toy, there will be another brief blackout after which you must search for four dolls and solve a doll puzzle.

Doll 1 – Lucy (Pose 1)

The first doll (Lucy) can be found in the workshop on the table to your left.

Doll 2 – Catherine (Pose 2)

Go through the double doors and enter the room with the woman’s image on the door. You can use the Relief of a Child item to unlock this door.

Take the second doll from the table (Catherine).

Doll 3 – Jimmy (Pose 3)

Head back to the workshop and into the medicine room. Place the two dolls ‘Catherine’ and ‘Lucy’ on the table to retrieve the key to Jimmy’s Room. Also, don’t forget to pick up the two dolls.

With Jimmy’s Room Key in hand, proceed to Jimmy’s Room from the workshop as indicated on the map. Destroy the core and take the ladder down into the well. You’ll find the third doll down here

Doll 4 – Black-haired doll

Return to the storage area where you obtained the second doll. You must place all three dolls on this table. Place Jimmy’s Room doll carrying the present, then place the Catherine doll at the bottom of the stepladder and the Lucy doll at the top.

How to solve Camp Diorama Puzzle

Now, return to the workshop, and you’ve four dolls to position on the table here. Refer Below image.

Unlabelled platform – Black-haired Doll
Labeled ‘Lucy’ – Lucy Doll
A platform that faces the hanging doll – Jimmy’s Room Doll
A Platform behind the hanging doll – Catherine

Place the doll correctly to obtain Breaker Box Key

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