Cassivellaunus Tomb Guide | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen

This guide shows how to solve the puzzles in the Cassivellaunus Tomb and the complete walkthrough of the Tomb. Click here to see the walkthrough of all 4 tombs.

Cassivellaunus Tomb is at the location shown below at the north portion of Sciropescire. At the highlighted location, you will see a rock with a glowing symbol on it. Interact with the symbol, and the rock will disappear, revealing the entrance to the tomb.

Cassivellaunus Tomb Puzzles

Once the tomb entrance is revealed, go inside and proceed in a linear path until you reach a waterfall. Jump down the water and then row the boat there to reach a large room with four pressure plates.

Pressure Plate Puzzle

You need to activate the 4 Pressure plates to open the locked gate. Certain pressure plates can be activated with movable structures and others require a specific object placed on them.

Pressure Plate 1

One pressure plate is on the right side. Next to it, you will see a thin hole on the wall as shown below. Squeeze through the hole, and you will find a lever on the right side. Interact with the lever and then pick up the object.

Now, turn around and take the path on the right side. Jump on the platforms to reach the wooden platform on the water. The path ahead will be blocked by a net carrying some items. Shoot the top of the net as shown below to clear the path. Then move ahead.

As you continue, you will reach the location as shown in the picture below. Shoot the wooden panel, for it to fall down creating a path forward.

Move ahead till you reach the location as shown below. Shoot at the top of the hanging object to clear the path. Then move ahead.

Finally, you will reach a room with a sliding panel. Destroy the crates blocking the sliding panel, then move the panel aside. Then jump down and place the object on the pressure plate to activate the plate.

Pressure Plate 2

Another pressure plate is on the left side. Jump on the logs in the water on the left side as shown below. Then move ahead and pass through the small waterfall.

After walking through the small waterfall, keep swimming straight ahead. At the end of the path dive under the water. Then swim underwater to come out from the other side.

After coming out, go through the crack on the wall. Then climb the wall in front of you. Now turn left and jump across the gap. Move ahead by walking on the ledge on the left side until you reach the area as shown in the picture below. Take the path on the right side here.

As you proceed, you will reach an area with a boat, with its path blocked by an iron cage as shown below. Here you will also see a lever. Climb the platform behind the lever. Then throw a few stones on top of the cage shown in the second picture below. This will make this cage go down, and the other cage blocking the path will move up. Now, go to the lever and interact with it to get the object. Pick up the object and take it to the boat. Then row the boat outside to reach the pressure plate. Place the object on the pressure plate to activate it.

Pressure Plate 3

A little ahead of the previous pressure plate, you will see another pressure plate. Left to it you will see a waterwheel. Jump on the platform in front of the waterwheel as shown below. Then go through the hole in the wall.

Now, turn left and move up the ledge. Keep moving ahead by jumping on the ledges until you reach a room containing a movable structure.

Shoot the wooden floor underneath the movable structure, to make it fall down. Jump down into this room. Here you will find a couple of sliding panels. On top of one of the sliding panels, you will find the Cassivellaunus Tomb key. Move the sliding panels to reveal a door. Use the key to open the door. Then slide the movable structure and take it to the pressure plate.

Pressure Plate 4

The final pressure plate is in front of a waterfall on the right side as shown below. Behind the waterfall, you will see a wooden wall. Break the wooden wall to find a movable structure behind it. Slide the movable structure to the pressure plate to activate it.

Fallen Hero Breastplate

After you have activated the 4 pressure plates, the iron gate will unlock. Continue ahead to reach the tomb grave. Here, you will find a chest. Open the chest to get a Fallen Hero Breastplate.

Cassivellaunus Tomb Artifact

After you have opened the chest, move on the path ahead of you. As you continue on the path, you will reach a door. On opening the door, you will see a broken bridge as shown below. Walk on the rope of the broken bridge to cross to the other side.

Continue ahead until you reach a zipline. Ride the zipline, and jump down midway when you reach two waterfalls on either side. The artifact is under the water, at the location where the right side waterfall is falling down as shown in the pictures below.

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