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How to solve the Resident Evil Village Treasure Map

    • You can obtain the treasure map from Attic after solving the 5 Bells Puzzle. 
    • The treasure map is kept on the table in the Attic near a wooden box.

Dungeon Coffin Room

    • Head to the Kitchen via Dining Hall and into the Basement-1. Locate the Iron grilled gate at the easternmost end of the dungeon.
    • Unlock the gate using the “Iron Insignia Key” obtain through the piano puzzle. Treasure is inside “Nobleman’s Casket”, but the casket gets locked with iron bars as you enter the room.
    • Pick up a Pipe Bomb from the little hole on the right wall and throw it at the cracked wall that hides a fire source.
    • Shoot the lanterns in the room to make them swing towards the fire to lit it. If you’ve lit one lantern you can then use it to light the second lantern.
    • This will lower the iron bars, and you can open the coffin to find the Azure Eye.

How to use Azure Eye

    • Go to “Hall of Pleasure” in 2F of Castle and pick a silver ring from the drawer.
    • Combine Silver Ring and Azure Eye to make Azure Ring.

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