Chapter 1 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 1: Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace


Enter the mansion

  • Ring the bell: Approach the stair to ring the bell.
  • Find another way in: Interact with boxes beneath the first-floor window on the left side.
  • Find something to break the window with: Choose the “Look Through” option to interact with an abandoned wheelbarrow on the lawn. You will find a “Wire Cutter” inside the wheelbarrow.

Find Professor Tillinghast

  • Investigate the broken vase: Open the door to enter the next room and select the Put Together option to investigate the broken vase.
  • Find a weapon: Interact with the knife kept over a small nearby table by selecting the Look Through option.
  • Find the source of the scream: Go to the second floor and interact with the door on the left.
  • Find the key: The key is inside the second room after the stairs on the right side. It’s hanging on a mobile.
  • Stop the stranger: Unlock the professor’s office on the left side of the stairs. Stop the intruder and fight.

Find out what happened

  • Search for clues: Enter the adjacent room to find Professor Tillinghast dead and fight with two more intruders. Investigate the dead body by selecting the option Look“.  Inspect the Glyph on the floor, broken glass & desk drawer by selecting the option “Find flaws”

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