Chapter 1 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough | Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2

This step-by-step guide will show you how to complete Chapter 1 of Senua’s Saga Hellblade II (2024).

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Checkpoint: Landfall

After the starting cutscene, the player will be playing as the character Senua.

Proceed along the linear path until you reach a rocky mountain wall that you need to climb to reach the top.

Follow the main path straight ahead after the cutscene. Once you reach the edge of the cliff, walk sideways along the narrow ledge to reach the other side.

Continue to proceed along the main path to reach a totem. Zoom in on the totem to collect Lorestangir (1st collectible)

Follow the main path, and as you go up the hill, you will see someone walking up the hill in the distance.

Start following him, then you will observe two two men fighting. From here proceed in the left direction to reach a large area full of rocks and boulders.

Continue forward until you reach a narrow path that you need to squeeze through. However, when you get close, it will be blocked.

Then, to unblock the path, go behind the rock in the middle of the area. Align and zoom on the broken red glowing symbol in the air to form the same pattern. Players have to stand at a specific angle and zoom in to form the correct symbols to unblock the path. 

CheckpointShore of Slaves

Go through the newly open path to reach a boat. Go past the boat and then take the right path behind it.

Proceed further to pass the beach area full of dead bodies and spirits. At the end squeeze through a small wall to reach the next area.

In the new area, a cutscene will trigger where a person attacks you. Continue forward, and another person will attack you.

Defeat him, then hop over the small wooden barrier near the boat.

Fight against another enemy who is dragging a person by his hair.

Continue forward along the beach, then defeat another enemy.

CheckpointCapsized Ship

Proceed ahead until you come across an overturned boat with someone calling for help. Interact with the boat and then enter it.

After the boat section, follow the main path to start a fight. Defeat the guy to start a second fight.

Keep moving forward along the main path until someone on the ground grabs you.

CheckpointSlavemaster Found

Defeat the slaver enemy to end the quest.

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