Chapter 1: The Shed | It Takes Two (Walkthrough)

Guide & Walkthrough of ‘It Takes Two’: Chapter 1 – The Shed

Here I have explained the main hurdles where cooperation between players is required.

    • The Shed
      • Intro
      • Wake-up Call
      • Biting the Dust
      • The Depths
      • Wired Up


Storyline: You and your partner play as parents Cody and May, who have been transformed into wooden dolls after breaking the news to their daughter ‘Rosy’ about their divorce. The reason behind their transformation is a book name “Dr. Hakim” purchased by Rosy, who has devised a plan that will make the couple reconcile their differences through the power of cooperation.

Wake-up Call

    • Both players have to work in coordination. They need to pull the lever down of the high voltage machine by pressing “Y” when the icon appears. 
    • On pulling the lever down, three of its fuses fly away. Bring two fuses back lying near the boxes on the left and insert again. Chase the third fuse to bring it back.
    • Find your way through boxes by jumping & climbing. You will find the fuse trapped inside a glass jar. Climb on the glass jar and break it by Jump (A) + Ground Pound (B). Follow the alive fuse running away.
    • Jump from the edge of the ‘hand saw’ by pressing Jump (A) + Double Jump (A). After that coordinate to open the closed lid on the opposite side. 
    • Crouch (B) and continue to follow the fuse through the tunnel
    • Hurdle: At grindstone, both players have to jump(A) + Ground Pound(B) simultaneously. Then jump & slide on the surface of the grindstone to go up.
    • Hurdle: jump to stick on the red & black surface of the rotating machine and cross it on the otherside
    • Hurdle: How to cross container hurdle? One of the players needs to go inside the container and walk to roll it toward the right side (clockwise) till it stops. Then jumps on it to cross.
    •  Hurdle: Jump on the plug of the ‘saw machine’ to start the power connection. Connect with the handle to jump to the other side. Cross a few more hurdles and you will find the fuse.
    • Catch the fuse and insert it into the machine. Jump on the lever again together to bring it down and stairs too.

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