Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 1: The Woods Are Lovely


During the prologue you’ll be in control of a girl, Stela, trying to escape an underground area. Head straight in the linear path until you hear a noise. Turn Right and open the door ahead. Keep moving in the linear path. Eventually, you will reach a hall and the place will collapse, ending the prologue.

Chapter 1 Start

After a long cutscene, you’ll reach a forest. Pick up your phone and exit the car. Go straight in the path until you reach a sign where the path diverges. Check your phone to check the path in which you need to go. You have to move straight ahead.  Eventually, you’ll reach a broken bridge and cannot continue straight. Go back to the sign and from there start moving up the hill. After some time you’ll lose the mobile signal. Turn right and go up the stairs where a small sequence will play.

Now, go in the opposite direction down the hill until you reach a broken bridge. Walk down the bridge and pick up a plank. Use the plank to cross the bridge.

Get the Backpack

After crossing the bridge you’ll find Stela’s track. Keep following the trail until you reach a fallen tree. From there turn right and go straight. Here you’ll find a red Ribbon. Keep following the ribbon train until you reach a tree with a backpack hanging from a tree. Take out the plier inside the backpack and use it to cut the wires with which the backpack is tied to the tree.

Search the Bunker

A little ahead after getting the backpack you’ll reach a Bunker. Enter the building and turn on your flashlight. Move to the left and keep going until you find a crowbar between some bricks. Turn around and move left to go down. Below you will hear some strange noises. Return upstairs and go to the lift towards the blinking lights. Path to enter the room with blinking light will be blocked with some rods. Crouch to get inside, then break the bricks to finally enter the room and read the message on the wall. Now as you exit the room you’ll be knocked unconscious by a strange creature.

Fix the Ladder and Descend into the abyss

After you gain consciousness you’ll hallucinate Stela on a bridge outside the bunker. As you move towards her, the bridge will collapse she will fall into the abyss. Now your next objective will be to descend into the abyss.
Move-in the opposite direction. A little ahead on the left side you will find a broken ladder.
Turn around and go left. Grab two crosses from the ground and investigate the box on the shrine. Use pliers to take out the nails from the box. Inside it, you will find a tool belt. Now open the inventory and use the pliers to get the pieces of wood from the cross. Return to the ladder and place the four wood pieces at the empty spots and use the hammer to nail the pieces of wood to the ladder. This will fix the ladder. Now use the ladder to descend into the abyss, completing Chapter 1.

Someday You'll Return Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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