Chapter 10: All Umbran Tear Locations (Bayonetta 3)

  • Post published:October 31, 2022
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This walkthrough will guide you through the locations of all three “Umbran Tears” in Chapter 10 of Bayonetta 3 (A Nintendo Switch exclusive released on 28 October 2022).


From the start of the chapter go ahead and turn left and then climb the rock on the left side (see images below). The CROW is sitting on the ledge of the rock. As you approach the crow it’ll fly to the left, fly over the pillars and go on the platform ahead.
NOTE: Start sprinting before approaching the crow –> turn left & keep running –> quickly jump on the platform on which the crow is supposed to go.


You will find the CAT just after arriving in Paris. There are 2 metro station entrances on both side of the main road (see images below). The cat will be on one of the metro entrances. As you approach the cat, it will go inside the metro station and will come out from the other entrance. The cat will keep doing it whenever you get near it. To easily catch the cat, you must identify the 2 sitting positions of the cat (outside both the metro entrances).
NOTE: Approach the cat. As soon as the cat enters the metro –> turn around and quickly cross the road to reach the 2nd metro entrance –> catch the cat when it exits from the 2nd entrance.


After catching the Cat, go ahead from the metro station and take the road to the left (see images below). This road will take you to a small courtyard. There is a cracked garage door (behind the tree) in the corner of the courtyard. The TOAD is behind the garage door. Destroy the garage door to get the toad.

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