Chapter 11 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 11 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake, released on 24 March 2023.

Make your way to the surface

Once the chapter begins, proceed past the nearby merchant and climb up the ladder located on the right. Continue along the path until you reach a point where a rock obstructs your way. At this point, you’ll have to take a detour to acquire some dynamite to demolish the obstacle.

Proceed along the side path that leads to the Mines area and eliminate any enemies that emerge in the mine area. Then, climb up the stairs and enter the building on the southern side. Activate the lever to start the lowering of the steel bridge.

Leave the room and climb up another set of stairs to pass through the now-lowered bridge. On the left side, there’s a room where you can pick some Dynamite.

Retrace your steps along the path until you reach the location where the rock was obstructing the way. Interact with the rock to place the dynamite and blast away the obstacle. Be sure to step back and avoid being hit by any debris. Once the path is cleared, proceed forward.

Defeat the two giants

Upon entering the next room, you’ll engage in a battle with two Gigante, one armored and the other unarmored. Focus on attacking the unarmored one and continue until its Plagas emerge from its back. Once it stands over the grate located in the center of the room, activate the console nearby to open the floor and drop it into the lava.

For the fight with the armored Gigante, evade its attacks until Luis arrives with some dynamite. Lure the Gigante towards the walkway where Luis is located, and he will attach the dynamite to its back. Shoot the dynamite to remove the armor and expose the Plagas. Once the Gigante is positioned over the grate in the middle of the room, activate the console to open the floor and send it plummeting into the lava.

Finally, you can then boost Luis over the wall to open the door and continue along the path to reach a minecart section. Once the minecart begins to move, your goal is to navigate it safely through the turns without falling off. To achieve this, lean towards the right when the cart is turning right, and lean towards the left when it’s turning left. Also, shoot any blockage on the track or sign to change the track. Keep shooting at enemies chasing

Head up into the “Stopover” building and deal with the enemies here and get on the next minecart. After the ride you’ll be in the Hive area.

Proceed towards the elevator and once the platform collapses, follow the path downwards to access the next area, and begin navigating around it.

Continue on the path and make your way to the elevator.

Fight Krauser

Following the cutscenes, you’ll engage in a battle with Krauser. In this particular fight, your only weapon is a knife, which means you must rely on parrying techniques to avoid taking damage from your opponent. Once you have inflicted sufficient damage, Krauser will retreat, signaling the end of the chapter.

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