Chapter 12: All Umbran Tear Locations (Bayonetta 3)

  • Post published:October 31, 2022
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This walkthrough will guide you through the locations of all three “Umbran Tears” in Chapter 12 of the game Bayonetta 3 (A Nintendo Switch exclusive released on 28 October 2022).

#1 Umbran – Crow

Available after verse 2. Detour via an alleyway to a large open space. Complete verse 3 in this area and then look for the debris on the side to find a Crow.

Alleyway is left of the “Aphrodite” shop.

#2 Umbran – Toad

After Verse 2, make your way through the main street. You will find a few ledges on the left side. The toad is hidden in the very last ledge.

#3 Umbran – Cat

After Verse 4, look for an alleyway that leads to a blocked roadway with a lot of buses and automobiles. The Cat can be found wandering around. You can destroy as many vehicles as you can to clear the view.

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