Chapter 13 The Chamber of Trinity: Lust from Beyond (Walkthrough)

Lust from beyond: Chapter 13 – The Chamber of Trinity

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” Chapter 13 – The Chamber of Trinity and will guide you through all the objectives of this chapter.

Objective: Follow the path indicated by the candles

# As you move ahead you’ll find a Large Gate on the left. You’ll need Lusst’ghaa Spear to open this gate.

#Keep moving forward until you come across a shrunken bridge. You need to feed the Sporangia to make the bridge in order to move ahead. For now, jump down to feed the Sporangia.

# You’ll reach an area with two movable pillars (one of them is missing the Lusst’ghaa Blade).
# The source of essence is above a platform on the left side of the room.
# The Lusst’ghaa blade is lying behind one of the movable pillars. Move the pillar and pick up the Lusst’ghaa blade.

# Keep moving this pillar and place it under the platform on the left side of the room. Then, use the ladder on the pillar’s side to climb atop and reach the source of essence.
# Absorb the essence, get down from the platform, and go to the second movable pillar.

# Use the Lusst’ghaa blade (from your inventory) on the movable pillar and move it. This will open up a path to an area that was otherwise inaccessible.

# A corrupted Enthralled will start following (as you’ve absorbed the essence). Lure it towards the Sporangia and kill it in front of the Sporangia. This will inflate the tumor, and the bridge will be formed.

# Now, go to the area which was previously inaccessible (from where the corrupted Enthralled came). Keep going, and you’ll eventually reach an area with the gate. Cross the bridge (which was earlier shrunken) and collect the Lusst’ghaa Spear.

# Use the Lusst’ghaa Spear to open the gate. Amanda will be waiting for you on the other side. Meet her to finish Chapter 13.

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